CaixaBank has a business of 57,000 million in Andalusia and will visit SMEs to attract 40,000 new customers

CaixaBank records a business volume in Andalusia of 57,000 million euros, according to the territorial director of CaixaBank in western Andalusia of the entity, Rafael Herrador, who has presented the new business strategy of CaixaBank, based on proximity to the customer. , and where about 300 managers at the Andalusian level will visit small businesses, self-employed or SMEs on site to maintain and retain customers and attract 40,000 new customers in the Community.

Herrador has presented the program ‘Caixa Negocios’, aimed at liberal professionals, freelancers, businesses, farmers and micro companies, which represents a change in the commercial strategy of the entity.

Through this initiative, which begins next week at the national level and is the most important campaign of 2014, the entity intends to “show a differentiated offer and offer of value to what is now on the market, showing a range of needs and increasing links “, through which 300 specialized managers throughout Andalusia will make on-site visits to businesses, businesses, and businesses, with tablets and smartphones, to advise and facilitate the contracting of products and services from the terminal itself. manager, so that customers can make transactions from their businesses, without having to go to CaixaBank offices.

provide credit to these companies and professionals, offering new loans, new loans or pre-granted loans

CaixaBank, which owns three million customers in Andalusia of all segments, has indicated that this new model will be combined with the existing one of reference person in the offices for customers ‘business’ and online banking ‘Linea Abierta’.

Herrador said that this specialized management, based on mobility, will be accompanied by new products and services, such as the new Business Account, which includes maintenance and administration, debit card for owner and beneficiary, card to make a 24-hour income. , transfers, and self-service checks. It will also offer a multi-insurance package, next-day receipt alert services to assist management, accounts where personal finances are incorporated into the business account; or bonus credits, subsidized loans or bonus mortgages. Farrier adds that the degree of the bonus will depend on the commitment of the client.

Herrador recalled that Andalusia has more than 223,500 customers in this segment, with a turnover of 10,500 million, of which 138,000 are located in Western Andalusia, with a business of 6,000 million.

With this new model, it is intended to build loyalty to the current clients that the entity has in this area and to attract new clients, specifically to attract 40,000 new clients in the Community, of which 25,000 would be located in Western Andalusia.

“We want to provide a better quality of service to customers,” asserted the territorial director, who advocates “combining the use of new technologies with the direct relationship with the customer” and recalled that CaixaBank “has the largest network of offices, with 973 offices in Andalusia and nine million users use our Internet channel, now it is necessary to complement “.

Herrador recalled that CaixaBank has a 21 percent market share in western Andalucia, where it reaches 33 percent market share of payroll, 50.9 percent in pensions and 70 percent in self-employed. Also, has specified that of the 57,000 million euros of business volume in Andalusia, 40,000 are located in Western Andalusia.

The director of the entity highlights that Andalusia “is gaining weight” in the CaixaBank set, after which makes it clear that “no more offices will be closed” and adds that the branch network “is complementary to the growth of the business by the Internet and also with the growth experienced by ATM operations “. “There are offices where 80 percent of operations are done in ATMs,” he says.

Herrador emphasizes that “we begin to perceive a change in the cycle and there is greater demand for credit, while delinquency is falling”.